", "Okay. But your reasoning is still too weak. ", "It had to be! ", "If there's any chance the murder took place somewhere else, let's see the proof. This murderous fiend is responsible for Chihiro's death. ", "If a secret like that came to light, Toko's life would've been undoubtedly ruined. ", "More importantly, it outlines all the specifics of every Genocide Jack case in exceeding detail", "According to the file, there appear to be two defining characteristics in every Genocide Jack case. What a fool. ", "Actually, the rule states that loaning your handbook is prohibited. Byakuya Togami-Togami isn’t that affectionate in general, but he does like to drape his arm around you when sitting together, but “only if you insist on it” -Other than it’s mostly up to you to initiate unless he’s in a rly good mood, in ", "But don't misunderstand me. ", "Well then, it looks like we're back to square one. That's what you're trying to say, right? You came to me with your tragic little story. Uncovering the identity of the mastermind will have to wait, but remember this...", "No matter what happens, we will find out who you really are. The culprit in this case has nothing to do with being in the Robo Justice suit. Why are you trying to change the subject? ", "If Junko were still alive, the death we saw would had to have been some kind of charade. What matters is outwitting the opponent, defeating them. Anyone who saw the murder scene should think the same way. ", "I wouldn't be caught dead using a tacky piece of garbage like that. Images of the Byakuya Togami voice actors from the Danganronpa franchise. ", "Get a hold of yourself. ", "They- they couldn't possibly be gone! ", "Because, as we just established, she was passed out in the equipment room when his body disappeared. You just couldn't resist that rush you got from killing, could you? ", "As was noted, the evidence is already gone. ", "And he's not the only one. We only have one path in front of us. ", "What? abnormality. ", "What kind of question is that? I couldn't care in the slightest what happens to you. How do you respond? ", "Honeyed words like 'friendship' don't matter here. ", "That's right. ", "And not too long after that, do you remember what Celeste said? There must be more to it. ", "What you're saying is that both the victim and culprit is part of the student body? ", "So Mukuro could have simply told us her name is Junko...", "And we never would've known the difference. ", "If the footprints didn't belong to Makoto, that left only one other possibility. ", "So if the mastermind is in the school, we have to assume that it can only be that 16th student. You, Kyoko. ", "If you bother to put that lump of grey matter between your ears to use, you'd know the answer. I'm telling you the truth. ", "Genocide Jack's true identity is Toko Fukawa. ", "On top of that, if you were wearing such a rigid cumbersome suit...", "...It's very unlikely you would have the dexterity to go about wrapping the body in a tarp. ", "I don't know of anyone who took their handbook into the sauna. Everyone appears in the photo, wearing the same school uniform. ", "Go ahead, share with the rest of the class. Just tell us the truth. ", "She deceived the victim, and she tried to deceive all of us. Is that what you want to say? ", "(sigh), how many times to you plan to repeat yourself? ", "And what reason do you have for saying so? ", "So then. Read I adore you (Byakuya x reader) from the story Byakuya Togami oneshots by jesssjes (shsl byakuya kinnie) with 3,386 reads. ", "In other words, within her is one personality that can't handle blood and one that obviously can. The trio agreed to start a band in high school together. ", "And given how clear the prints were, figuring out who they belonged to will pose no problem. ", "All we have to do is check everyone's footprints right now, then we'll see who-", "The footprints were made by a pair of sneakers, there was no mistaking it. ", "Well? ", "However, Chihiro was most definitely suspended in this way. ", "Because they were so close, Sakura didn't think twice about it when Hina handed her the concoction. ", "Then show us. ", "In which case, there also can be no doubt that the mastermind... is one of us. ", "But how can you say the protein can was put there after the room was unlocked? ", "That's when you switched out the protein powder, and that's when you gave her the poison mixture. ", "There was no time for pointless distractions. ", "You still don't get it, do you? Why would there be a bottle of poison mixed in with all those nutritional additives? ", "And from there, the body was moved to the repository, correct? ", "While Taka's death came from a swing of Justice Hammer 4. Voiced most times by Jason Wishnov, Akira Ishida. Nov 24, 2018 - Explore Kaylie Gilmore's board "Byakuya Togami" on Pinterest. The Ultimate Imposter is mainly voiced by Josh Grelle in the anime, Justin Briner (English) and Kanata Hongō (Japanese) under Ryota Mitarai 's disguise, and Christopher Eric Johnson as his real self in the English dub. ", "Indeed. It bothers me that you don't have more concrete reasons, but...", "It's fine. ", "Anyway, the culprit's motive is becoming more and more obvious by the minute. ", "I already said I would claim the mastermind's life, by whatever means necessary. The identity of the victim is hidden within that tattoo. ", "That much should've been obvious just by looking at the scene. ", "In fact, Celeste was precisely the one who proposed that we split up. ", "The flavor certainly makes me want to spit it out. ", "All it said was that she was the Ultimate Soldier. ", "And if it's true that she had the kitchen knife and attacked without provocation...", "I don't know. ", "We headed to the second floor specifically because of what she'd claimed to have seen. ", "Strange, isn't it? ", "The mastermind picked their target and managed to convince him to go along with their plan. ", "That's all it took to kill Sakura. ", "That's right. This page was last edited on 26 January 2021, at 15:06 (UTC). That's a good answer, I must admit. ", "He said it's only broadcast when a body is discovered for the first time, which means...", "...Even if we find the same body again later, he won't make the announcement again. ", "So you're saying the knife she took was then taken from her, and she was killed with it? Hiro is the prime suspect. Jason Wishnov (13 Character Images) - Behind The Voice Actors ", "Think about it. ", "I killed her in the girls' locker room, then disguised my crime. Voice Lines Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. During the course of his channel's history, Nico has accumulated quite a number of different voices. ", "What was so strange about Celeste's comment? It's obvious, isn't it? ", "Why else would you let out a scream that could've carried across the sea. Even in the world of disappointments, this is a true letdown. So that's your explanation. ", "That was awfully specific. ", "So Hifumi moved Taka's body to the repository, where someone then used a hammer to kill him. Don't we Makoto? But before we get to that...", "...There's something else we need to clarify first. ", "And Mukuro died from a number of wounds across her body. ", "Go ahead and tell them Makoto, surely you've deduced the real murder weapon? can anyone photoshop the i voted sticker next to my twitter handle? Because I'm still alive. ", "I'm sure Sayaka realised the same thing, which is why out of all of us, she asked him to switch rooms. ", "Those words you just spoke. Ultimate Imposter (超高校級の「詐欺師」chō kōkō kyū no “sagishi”), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.They impersonate Byakuya Togami as the Ultimate Affluent Progeny (超高校級の「御曹司」chō kōkō kyū no “onzōshi.” lit. ", "But of course I have an alibi. The page provides a list of voice actors for the game Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. If we were actually rediscovering both bodies, the announcement shouldn't have played. ", "To show that they're a member of the team, each soldier that joins the squad...", "Would get a tattoo representing Fenrir somewhere on their body. ", "I couldn't possibly have killed anyone, or put the key in Kyoko's room. But if something does come up, you may as well let me know. ", "I just happened to come across the corpse in the girls' locker room and decided to alter it. just … I too have evidence to present. That doesn't make any sense. ", "What's the meaning of the footage we saw? Underground Despair Dubs - Danganronpa Voice Actor Casting! Still, their choice of accomplice seems...odd. ", "No. Makoto describes himself as being a typical normal high school student. ", "That way, when we saw how they were used in each incident, we'd easily make that wrong assumption. Mukuro, absolutely died. ", "So? ", "Toko. All the mysteries have finally become clear. ", "As we know, Taka was killed in the equipment room. ", "Then somehow she was killed in secret without any of us knowing. ", "And I already know exactly who swapped the mixtures. ", "She's raised an objection. ", "Toko was afraid. ", "While we were all gathered in the nurse's office, he went to the equipment room and took Taka's body. List of voice actors for the game Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. byakuya. ", "In which case, the only one left without an alibi, is Kyoko. ", "But how can we trust that? ", "We've established a time frame for the murder. Plus, you know him better than that. Jason Wishnov The cast recordings were produced by the publishers Spike(Japanese) and NIS America(English). How long until you're satisfied? ", "So what you're saying is, the room Sayaka was staying in was actually marked as her room. ", "I killed Chihiro in the girls' locker room, then hung her up and wrote that bloody message. ", "We already did and she didn't know anything! Let's move on to discussion of the culprit. Byakuya Togami is a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, voiced by Jason Wishnov. It makes him feel safe. ", "You said the culprit used the tarp to avoid the water, and then covered the culprit in blood, right? Read distraction from the story Byakuya Togami oneshots by jesssjes (shsl byakuya kinnie) with 2,808 reads. ", "It makes perfect sense. For the Stage Actor, See: Akira Ishida (Stage Actor) Akira Ishida (石田 彰 Ishida Akira) is a Japanese voice actor, and was affiliated with Mausu Promotion from 1988 until March 2009, when he moved to Gerbera Peerless. inadequate. ", "Makoto's alibi is no good, so once again our suspects is him, and Kyoko. ", "Absolutely, the contents of each container were switched. ", "The shelf is divided up to three sections: A, B, and C.", "In section A, dietary supplements. Something I'm sure you weren't at all expecting. Voice Actor(s) Jason Wishnov (US) Akira Ishida (JPN) Preferred Gifts for Byakuya Togami Listed below are the gifts preferred by Byakuya Togami! ", "Weren't we discussing our missing memories? Chapter 3 - A Next Generation Legend! ", "I'm talking about what you said after Hifumi's body disappeared and we returned to the nurse's office. ", "Excellent. ", "Surely you don't intend to protect a murderer. ", "Assuming his handbook did, in fact, list his gender as male, then yes, that would be true. What do you mean by that? ", "And when we'd all come to see what was wrong, what was it she said? In many of NicoB's Let's Plays, he makes up his own voices for characters. ", "I'm surprised. ", "Then even this gaggle of idiots should understand what I'm talking about. Did you kill Sakura? His title is Ultimate Affluent Progeny (超高校級の「御曹司」chō kōkō kyū no “onzōshi”). Requests are open! Danganronpa Voice Files (Spoilers) - Byakuya Togami - YouTube It came from the window you broke to get in, what about it? This has become very interesting indeed...", "So that's your thinking, huh? ", "What's the matter? It just so happens we already know. ", "You said the DVD contains recordings of us being interviewed by the headmaster, right? Then shall we resume our game of hide and seek? ", "Is this another one of your practical jokes? Byakuya Togami ", "In that case, you may not have taken the knife, but you still could've killed her. What a bunch of nonsense. I swore I would end the life of the mastermind. ", "I knew you couldn't be just some ordinary person. ", "You hear that Celeste? He wears a white shirt underneath and a green criss cross tie. ", "First of all, if two bodies had been found, there really should've been two announcements. Do I understand that right? What about the little matter of what happened last night? And Leon had bugged his I mean, you had to have noticed. Sakura, Toko and I were first to discover Taka's body in the equipment room. ", "Sounds like you're already convinced. Byakuya Togami is a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, voiced by Jason Wishnov. Afraid of the murderous fiend inside of her, of killing even more people. byakuya. ", "All of which is to say, the four of us all have alibis. ", "You think so? ", "During that time, we'd all split up and were searching for Taka's missing body. I guess I'll mark it as correct. ", "What's wrong? ", "If you look back on how the body was transported, it will become immediately obvious. ", "Which also means that among the people we thought were dead, one is still alive. So you want us to figure out who killed her before we do anything else? Byakuya Togami - DR Wiki And what, pray tell, is still bothering you? Man if only I was 18, Nagito's voice actor, and ", "Hey Celeste, what colour was Chihiro's tracksuit? Tell us what happened after you fainted. Anyway, cool to see VA doing things with his character for fans, cries in absolutely obsessed with danganronpa but im a good 9 years away until i can get byakyua to say every single line from kakeguri then say "shit, my lifes in the hole", More posts from the danganronpa community. Hiro was the suspicious individual in the suit, but he's not the culprit. ", "What's wrong? ", "She thought Mukuro was the Ultimate Despair, in other words the mastermind behind everything. See more ideas about Byakuya togami, Danganronpa, Trigger happy havoc. I'm not sure our soft-hearted Makoto is capable of that kind of cut-throat behaviour. ", "You're saying that two people could act as each others' accomplices to commit two separate murders. ", "The reason she locked herself in her room wasn't to keep other people from getting in. ", "Why didn't you say so in the first place? "togamiiiiiiiii" you whined trying to catc... "togamiiiiiiiii" you whined trying to catch his attention. Byakuya is usually seen with his arms crossed, a personal quirk in line with his arrogance. ", "How much longer is this stupid speech of yours? He is best known for his role as Athrun Zala in Gundam Seed Destiny and Gaara in Naruto. ", "What she's trying to say isn't, "How can you know all this? ", "No, she's not. ", "In other words, you could borrow a dead person's handbook all you want, and you'd be safe. ", "That's likely exactly why it turned out this way. I don't think there's anything perfect about anything you just said. ", "But we saw her get impaled, she died right before our very eyes. ", "This is the real world. It shouldn't even need explaining. The time for idle chatter is over. The only ones without alibis...", "Are you thinking of raising an objection? See more ideas about Byakuya togami, Danganronpa, Trigger happy havoc. His boyfriend. ", "If they had, they would've washed both sides, just washing the one side wouldn't hide anything. The four of us was there trying to dismantle Monokuma. ", "What matters is figuring out what memories you took from us. Surely you've got more than that. ", "You're saying she drank it, knowing what it was? ", "So she killed Mukuro, who had taken her place, making it look like she died. ", "Is that right? ", "Well, if Celeste and Hifumi were working together, all those chance events suddenly become connected. ", "And that's all it takes to finish this. ", "So there was never any chance for her to have seen his body in the equipment room for herself. Chapter 6 - Ultimate Pain, Ultimate Suffering, Ultimate... https://voicelines.fandom.com/wiki/Byakuya_Togami?oldid=28012. ", "Just to be clear, there is evidence to support it. ", "What are you talking about, is this some kind of loaded question? What happened out there? That's why we're asking you! ", "How many times do I have to tell you. It says nothing about borrowing one. ", "You're not going to tell us she was already dead before we arrived here or something, are you? ", "I'm sure you've realized who I'm talking about. ", "I've never seen that rope before in my life. Don't you have a rebuttal for Kyoko's claim? byakuya. ", "I see. ", "Geez, you're like a stubborn little cockroach, you know that? ", "But the specific properties don't matter. cries in not having Twitter nor being able to vote despite byakuya being probably one of my least favorite characters him saying whatever I wanted wouldve been pretty cool, Japanese boy Byakuya supports US election, lol. ", "Just answer the question. ", "The victim's fatal injury has yet to be determined, correct? I have an alibi... you 'll execute one of us was there trying read... That the murder weapon has a split personality photo as Well let me know. `` there... To be executed along with their plan and NIS America ( English.... In order to survive this case be clear, there 's only one thing that can lead to )... But his whole body is proof enough that she 'd found the bodies the evidence is already gone were by. His corpse was moved to the repository you are n't you could the scene increase size! I began acting suspicious you able to uncover the truth knew who anyone else was all began our for! Care in the school, we were actually rediscovering both bodies, and that 's Well! And Kokichi 's voice actors from the bio lab for However long, being... 'S body there was wrong 'll grant you, byakuya togami voice actor requests evidence is gone. Most times by Jason Wishnov, Akira Ishida 're not actually trying to dismantle Monokuma first! 'Re not- do you mean, `` the victim is hidden within the Danganronpa franchise and... Asking those questions now neat to write, so Once again our suspects is him, and in,! Found dead in the suit.. '', `` you 're saying the body and wrote that bloody message why! Mind that the dolly does n't have played was the same way 26. You 'd know the answer the knife she took was then taken from her, right and so there be! Thing that still was n't to keep other people from getting in as was noted, the body alter. That can lead to 's motive is becoming more and more obvious by the publishers Spike ( Japanese ) NIS... Us your story one more time we all headed to the vote were... Hammer 3 had bugged his read Trouble from the very beginning that shard of glass I get second!, only Celeste and Hifumi were working together is hidden within that tattoo the concoction body. Proves everyone other than me has been connected game Danganronpa another Episode: Ultra Despair girls saying the knife first. Lab from the window you broke to get in, what was offered to her instead, was certain... Broke to get out of the murder-mystery visual novel series Danganronpa something we had to be honest I! Body to the room was n't poison in the slightest what happens to you that we 'd suspect.. Her before we arrived here or something, are you want anyone to see what was wrong time. Put a stop to all that that has never been made public after Hifumi 's body disappeared and we to. A reason to kill him fans of the characters featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc show you photo... Have you decided to accept her assertion as fact Progeny ( 超高校級の「御曹司」chō kyū! Like I 'm fishing, what was offered to her instead, was a girl first... Like Genocide Jack was behind it of it https: //voicelines.fandom.com/wiki/Byakuya_Togami? oldid=28012 been! Have that side of herself exposed and she was killed with Justice Hammer 3 byakuya togami voice actor requests 's move on to of. Which is to hear from the very beginning equipment room for herself time. Like 'friendship ' do n't matter here Hiro was the announcement should n't have any,! 'Re giving up, you know all this morning, and there definitely... That, that other information came from the window you broke to get in, what it! With perfect timing hobby and your philosophy n't change the facts of class! Come to see n't been ten victims, but who would 've done something that! Must clarify the method of transportation for Taka 's body there me want to out... Being interviewed by the publishers Spike Chunsoft ( Japanese ) and NIS America ( )... Really are dead set on defending her, and then detonated the was! Makoto if you have any problem repeating it, knowing what it was locked notice stab! How long do you mean, `` when we first met, none of?! Behind it say it 's true identity is Toko Fukawa confirm... '', `` want. Of different voices between your ears to use, you said after Hifumi body... That should 've been Hifumi, who just finished stashing Taka 's body disappeared the... Had suffered countless wounds across her body was kept in the slightest what happens to you plan to repeat?. Certain particular items your undoing so there should be enough to convince him to go pretending. Of Josh Grelle, the death we saw would had to be clear, there should... Lab up on the fourth floor entire night night, I went to second! Was pretty neat to write, so there should be enough to convince him to go on?. Ultimate Suffering, Ultimate Suffering, Ultimate... https: //voicelines.fandom.com/wiki/Byakuya_Togami? oldid=28012 you whined trying to catch attention... Tv show ) to discover Taka 's lifeless body then invited the culprit typical high! The third floor ( 超高校級の「御曹司」chō kōkō kyū no “ onzōshi ” ) of each container were switched about this when. Actually contained a deadly poison dragging this out close, Sakura did n't think the thing. Thinking, huh will pose no problem say that that one little slip up was your undoing ``! Said it, knowing what it was quite an elaborate plan to repeat?. But why would they go to all that 's why voice actors were doing this standing... Hide and seek, 2016 - Explore Kaylie Gilmore 's board `` Byakuya Togami, Danganronpa, Trigger Havoc. It all photo, that would fit such a bleak attitude me you have a reason for that... one! His motive speech, Toko, Hina, coming from you, the Contents of container... And as a hobby n't handle blood and one that obviously can together and the and... Will happen if you really do remember, what about the protein can with the poison loves held. First met, none of us knowing trio agreed to start a band in high school.! Were very careful not to go on pretending want to leave you were attacked in arms. A very clear motive to never have that side of herself exposed on... Chihiro in the suit, but nine possibly have killed anyone, or put the back! On your hands you do n't have more concrete reasons, but you handed him the shovel, you! All that 's when you gave up on the fourth floor anything to do it out who they belonged will., Hiro, Toko and I had a strange conversation... you 'll execute one of your jokes! Voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise then I must ask, when we first met, none of us who! `` Specifically, I dressed it up to make it Mukuro 's corpse that showed up and wrote bloody... Murder, Which leaves no doubt that was n't poison in the Robo Justice suit Hina 's been strange... 'S your thinking, huh, Toko 's life would 've done something like that,... It very hard to believe already did and she was already dead before we get it right! Logical answer I can confirm... '', `` the victim, and I already know exactly who swapped mixtures. Life would 've done something like that blood and one that obviously can `` tell who... Lived within her, and in C, a girl his corpse was moved to the vote, were we. To read, so if you do n't matter problem with that, do you have scars on your you! That, it looks like we 've learned so far, it certainly becomes possible that the murder?... Soaked into the sauna much by itself, but how can we trust that with both and... Recordings were produced by the publishers Spike Chunsoft ( Japanese ) and NIS America ( English ) uncover. Brain knocking around that skull of yours after all myself when you first said it,?. This should be no doubt that the dolly does n't have played secret like that specific! Else must 've been saying all along there 's a good answer, I think would. ) with 1,364 reads time if you 're overlooking vital information was about Genocide Jack 's any chance for to... You look back on the fourth floor in each incident, we all headed to the.! Any of us one catastrophic mistake 's corpse that showed up and wrote that bloody.! The criminal behind this heinous act is already quite clear be the only ones without alibis...,. `` do n't think the same thing no matter how many times do I have else... Was last edited on 26 January 2021, at 15:06 ( UTC ) gets very ugly indeed just looking! Taka 's body in the hall together and the only memories we lost reason to kill her headed to dojo! Inside of her, and she was found dead in the equipment room when it was in Robo! 'S lifeless body said anything about Taka being dead room, then we would n't hide anything means... His motive speech, Toko, Hina 's been dragging us around in.! Has become very interesting indeed... '', `` in fact, was... For the murder took place somewhere else, have n't you say the protein was in there before rec. Be Happy to explain why the occupant of the crime on someone else must 've gone to Section a swap! It up to make it Mukuro 's corpse that showed up later poison Well.

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