I think it likely depends a lot on your specialty. First off, no one gets a 3 year contract coming out training...for one thing most people arent even friggin boarded yet! Wish I had known about this before I signed up. It provides understanding, security, and most importantly, peace of mind. A hospital or clinic will use an entire team of attorneys to draw up the physician employment contract for you to sign. The differences between a private practice nephrologist, a hospitalis, and a hospital employed pulmonologist can be just as important as any difference between states. Acquire the physician’s contract. ReddIt. Many doctors just can't tell if their offer is a generous offer, an average offer, or a particularly subpar offer, and we can help with that. You’re going to get a much better review than you’re going to get from a malpractice or divorce attorney. These guys don't like lawyers, but they said it was soo worth it. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Thomas F. Goeke, Jr. and is located at 2983 Homestead Drive, Edgewood, KY 41017. I doubt most of the public realize many doctors are restricted in this way. If the contract is different than whatever you bargained for then you should go back to the table and hammer that out. We’ve done partnership agreements of one page and $0 buy-in to an 87 page $3.4MM buy-in. For that reason, we have compared and reviewed companies and attorneys across the country that provide physician contract review services for physicians, dentists and other medical professionals. I sent him my contract and scheduled an appt. It drops in Wayrest Sewers I and Wayrest Sewers II in Stormhaven. I dont buy this for a second. I still am, but couldn’t negotiate around it. If we can answer any questions on non-competes never hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected], I think your keyboard’s “m” key is broken. Medical necessity chart review is performed by both health insurance companies and health delivery organizations to keep costs down and ensure the appropriateness of care. Excellent company- really looking out for physicians! What percentage of your portfolio do you reserve for "play money"? Resolve offers the #1 rated physician contract review and negotiation team, as rated by your fellow physicians. The company's filing status is listed as I - Inactive and its File Number is 0653240. – Jon. Physicians can call us as much as they want with questions for 12 months. … They did not provide direct negotiation, but informed me of questions to ask and options to propose. Worth every penny in terms of peace of mind. I didn’t realize non-competes were still so prevalent. Physician Contract Review, LLC is a Kentucky Klc - Limited-Liability Company filed on December 19, 2006. Just as physicians would not rely on lawyers to diagnose an ailment, they should not rely on their own ability to review or draft an important contract. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION NOW! Tend your portfolio as you would a cactus. Sadly, the only way to find out if it holds up would be to go to court, which can be expensive and time consuming for both sides. That’s why you can’t afford not to advocate for yourself. Otherwise 250 per hour. I had an academic emergency physician taking a job in the Northeast recently that I told I didn't think we could do much to improve his contract if we did the negotiating. I had old MGMA reports but its always good to have the most up to date information and that MGMA report alone would cost you $700. You said to give me your schedule for Friday morning and you’d make it work. It is not uncommon for new physicians to sign lengthy contracts with inadequate consideration of cost-of-living raises and escape clauses for the physician employee. Since all we do are physician contract reviews, our internal database is very robust as well. Articles & Publications "Top Ten … Action Step Physicians should find a lawyer who has experience with physician contracts early in their job search process, so that when they get to the point of putting things in writing with a specific employer, they will be able to move … I have utilized Contract Diagnostics and found it to be of little help. He confirmed that they do not offer flex pay where you pay ~$200 as a resident and then the remaining when you become an attending for their advanced review plan. They do offer the negotiation service, but after this phone call I felt it wasn’t necessary because they told me exactly what to ask for and how to ask for it. Is is common for contracts to include probationary period with 30 day notification for no Cause terminations and then roll into a 90 day notification? This is the cost-effective, simple, secure and guaranteed way to have your physician contract reviewed in as little as 12 hours.

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