But people can do all of those things without smoking. He’s a non-smoker now and I’ve got a letter to prove it. Put a seal on it saying Official Non-Smoker or something like that. That brings us to the second part of the session. This session will help you turn your resources against the parasite, getting rid of the feeling that you're somehow 'losing' something by quitting smoking. "I actually quit smoking a few days before I found the hypnosis downloads. Explain that whatever they resist will persist. Instead of smoking that money away they can put $5 in the jar every day. Why? So the first step in getting your practice up and running is to get yourself some clients. That also means you can get on to the deepening work faster. It could be a garden, a forest, a beach or anywhere they prefer. For personalized one-on-one hypnosis sessions to stop smoking, call (912) 373-7377 or contact us online today. They include: a) The Ash Jar – Use a pickle jar or similar to collect all the ash and cigarettes for a few days or a week before the session. Suppose it’s $5 a pack. You are now doing something very good for yourself. Gradually I refrained from smoking and later I totally quit. Stick some business cards and leaflets inside. I’m not going to start hitting you with endless statistics, or ‘facts’ like ‘Did you know smoking can cause lung cancer?’ You’re not an idiot. I am a general physician dealing in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Thanks again, Maria, This story came from Maria who is a banker from Ocala, Fl USA *, "I hate cigarettes so much that I am positive I will never smoke again. The form can be a single page and should include: If there is any history of illness in the family, Whether or not you can contact their doctor if necessary, If their doctor or dentist has recommended they give up smoking, – When their birthday rolls around, send them a handwritten card. The longer they keep going, the more money they’ll earn. These could coincide with National Stop Smoking Day or National Hypnosis Day. Ask your client to bring a jar to the first session. Once you get familiar with it you should be able to complete it comfortably in about 45 minutes. Well, we tell you to keep smoking. Now I am enjoying a new life. Get My Tips to Stop Smoking Now! When there’s a craving, squirt a drop on your tongue. Somewhere they can experience freedom and happiness. And as most hypnotherapists charge about $100 an hour, our 12 downloads cost less than two sessions with a practitioner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one? So what's so unique about this program? Also disgusting. c) Craving Supplements – The nicotine will leave their systems within a week. People sometimes quit smoking successfully but start up again. You can do that by asking them what it feels like to be a non-smoker. All Rights Reserved. Uncommon Knowledge was formed in 1995, and since then we've trained over 24,000 people at face-to-face events. It has been now 1 month and 3 days. There are a million and one ways to stop smoking. Give it a snazzy title like: The Simple Way To Stop Smoking…. I decided to try the Quit Smoking Stay Stopped hypnosis download. If fear worked, or just “common sense” you’d have stopped a long time ago. It reinforces their reasons and success. That makes me almost sick to my stomach. They’ll be healthier. Not to fill it with poison. I purchased your '10 Steps to Become a Non-Smoker'. I have lost count of the number of times trying to free myself from the filthy habit. Because they like you they’ll tell others about what you do, and that will bring more referrals your way. Give your clients lots of resources to read and take away. Our program is so successful it's backed by a Lifetime Guarantee! So however strong your conviction is to start with, addiction waits until you are at a 'low' point, and then strikes. Your body has always hated it. b) A Relaxation CD – Which is self-explanatory, except that now they don’t have to turn to cigarettes for relaxation. I've have had problems with my teeth and have had many pulled. Whatever symbol they discover, use it to detach them from the whole smoking experience. If they do, ask if you can contact them. They’ll be happier. c) The Crossroads – Use this technique only when you’re sure they’ve decided to quit smoking. If they’re happy with what you’ve done, they’ll help get the whole marketing process off the ground. It is more comfortable and its effects on the mind are more than amazing. A trap door. Well, quite simply because... Of course you know all the dangers and how nicotine accelerates aging and damages cells. She heads up a small support team who are dedicated to making your experience with Uncommon Knowledge a lovely, and hopefully long one. No longer will you be controlled by the need to smoke. And let me tell you, it is a bummer not to be able to eat! Not to fill it with poison. The other path leads to happiness and freedom from smoking. They’ll simply enjoy the foods they eat more. Also make sure they discard any unused tablets at the end of the week. And being able to taste more of the food will mean they can relax and savor it, which might actually make them feel full faster. It might help to put the behaviors in a. context to show how somehow else coped with cravings. Quit Smoking Today. The underlying principle of hypnotherapy treatments to combat addictions is to enable individuals to surface all the unhealthy and bad thoughts and mask them with positive and healthier thoughts. The paper gets their story and you get free advertising, with your contact details clearly displayed at the bottom of the article. Scary anti-smoking pictures of, for example, diseased lungs have been show not to deter smoking but stimulate a part of the brain known as the “craving spot.” (1) (2). It’s a nice gesture that also keeps you and your practice at the forefront of their mind. I've absolutely no interest or longing for a cigarette now. Someone nearby is smoking a cigarette. McGrail believes that the approach Margaret took should work for most people: "It uses the power of the mind to change the behavior, and it is the mind that creates the addiction to smoking 10, 20, or 30 cigarettes a day. So at this stage you get them to pick a symbol that represents their freedom from smoking. They might think smoking gives them confidence, helps them relax, makes it easier to concentrate or provides a time for contemplation and future planning. They can even display the jar somewhere at home to remind them just how revolting smoking really is. Growing up as a non-smoker with the coping mechanisms to resist it. For whatever reason, acupuncture has been shown to work in the treatment of many health problems. I love being able to wear a scented body spray and know that I smell nice not like cigarettes. If there isn’t space, put this info and the number on a card they can carry in their wallet. Contact. – For example, a simple 4-page glossy booklet. Somewhere they can experience freedom and happiness. When you feel like smoking no longer interests you, you stop. It also might help spread the word about your talent as a hypnotist, which could bring more clients rushing to your door. – Carry a small bottle of water and sip it every 20 minutes or so. It is usually given by a specialist psychologist or psychiatrist. – Use a pickle jar or similar to collect all the ash and cigarettes for a few days or a week before the session. Congratulate them on having achieved it. Then hypnotherapy is the perfect choice. We know how powerful hypnotherapy can be. They’ll have stacks of resources to keep them smoke-free. Hypnosis for smoking offers a breakthrough that you can’t get anywhere else. Professional Hypnosis to Quit Smoking The price for one or two sessions for professional one-on-one anti-smoking hypnosis can very from $250-350. And that’s the end of the session. Want to help someone stop smoking with hypnosis? It’s a problem we’ve struck before. Want to help someone stop smoking with hypnosis? Run evening seminars and invite local businesses to attend. That’s because our course deals with your unconscious mind - you only quit when you reach the stage where you don't want to smoke any more. Other smokers, trying to get you back into “the fold”, Any stressful or major life-changing experiences, Arrogance, thinking they can always quit again if they want to, Self-testing, to prove that they’ve stopped smoking, especially when they can’t believe how easy it was to quit. It doesn’t relax you – in fact, it does the opposite. Find out how much they spend daily on smoking. – Set up a website with a simple letter that introduces hypnosis, your non-smoking practice, and how you can help. Using the hypnosis to stop smoking Quit Smoking Today audio program allows you to stop smoking easily, all from the comfort of your own home, whilst programming your mind to repair your body and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Blog. For Good! Blitz them about: When you’re finished doing that, they’ll be a non-smoker. I'm 41 years of age and have been smoking cigarettes since the age of 11 years. That’s the craving. Put a seal on it saying Official Non-Smoker or something like that. Their eyes might glaze over, they’ll move around a lot less. In each case they have to look inside themselves to reinforce that those tools and feelings are there. A boat across a lake. Or you might even choose to specialize in this field of hypnosis. A great way to get free publicity is to write a story about hypnosis or about smoking. You will get immediate access to your program and can take the first step today; just use the button below to order now. A great way to get free publicity is to write a story about hypnosis or about smoking. You have several methods for using hypnosis to kick your smoking cravings, all of which can help you curb your habit. They can take one every hour which will give them a quick sugar spike and keep those happy chemicals flowing. #1 Infinite Changes Hypnosis - Anti Smoking Hypnosis ... get reduced Let them see their younger self refusing the cigarette and then get them to step inside the younger body and experience it for themselves. Without knowing anything about hypnosis I dived in. Suppose it’s $5 a pack. Get your client to imagine themselves standing at a crossroads. Remind them that you can offer other services as well, and invite them to refer other people to you. So we know it works a treat. Less chance that their children will develop the bad habit in the future. This package may either be more expensive or cheaper depending on where you are located. After you've been smoking for a while, the addictive process changes your psychology so that you develop beliefs which keep you bound to the cigarettes. In most cases three sessions are just about enough to completely quit smoking, then again it depends on the case. I am not longer embarrassed about this awful habit. Instead of lighting up, have a drink of water. Talk about what you do and how it helps people. You wouldn’t expect any of these people to do the work for nothing, and neither should you. It costs less than a month of smoking a pack a day - so if you do our course and quit, the course would have paid for itself within a month of you being smoke-free. See more ideas about quit smoking, hypnosis, quites. Ask shops to display flyers about your services in return for referrals or a commission. Also, hypnosis for smoking cessation sessions will save you a lot of money and energy. You only quit when you don't want to smoke any more.". A crushed cigarette pack. Let them see themselves taking that first puff, choking and coughing on it. – You need information about the client. You can do that by asking them what it feels like to be a non-smoker. At this point you need to help them learn how to be a non-smoker. That's why you also get a free Learn Self-Hypnosis download which will train you to go into hypnosis quickly and easily so you can get the most from your Quit Smoking downloads. Cigarettes aren’t cool or sexy. It’ll take just a few minutes and will show them: The non-awareness set takes their mind in another direction, away from the conscious and towards the unconscious. There is a profound difference between a smoker that has stopped smoking and a non-smoker. A flower. Find out more » Feel Attractive Pack for Women. They should write down: What they felt like before and after they smoked it. So being a non-smoker can be a profitable business for them. Once there, they’ll find an unconscious symbol that’ll change their relationship with smoking and make them a non-smoker for the rest of their life. Feeling confident. No-one likes to be dictated too, and this session will help increase your motivation to rebel against the cigarettes. Then you can pile on the optional extras. They’ll big up your powers. It creates social commitment too, because they’re telling everyone that they’re now a non-smoker, so people have to start treating them that way. I spent good money on a nicotine replacement medicine and I did stop smoking for about 9 months. Smoking is usually a habit that is something we brought from our teenage years and is simply baggage from High School, but we’re not 19 anymore, that’s all. For instance: – Here you reframe their reasons for smoking, identify them as unconscious errors, and then reframe each of those errors. That’s if they give it a thought at all. You can build a long list of clients just by word of mouth alone. You don’t want your kids to smoke. They might start agreeing to everything you suggest. Bring them out of the trance.

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