Articles pertaining to dams in operation, under construction or planning on the Kootenay River in the United States and Canada. The Bonnington Falls along the Kootenay River was an important salmon fishery for Sinixt First Nations peoples. This focus is on ecosystems and habitats, rather than a … Power generated at Kootenay Canal plant is fed into BC Hydro's provincial grid via two 230 kV transmission lines running south to Selkirk Switching Station, near the Seven Mile Generating Station. Including just the dams listed below, there are 60 dams in the watershed, with 14 on the Columbia, 20 on the Snake, seven on the Kootenay, seven on the Pend Oreille / Clark, two on the Flathead, eight on the Yakima, and two on the Owyhee. The Baillie-Grohman Canal, as it was called, had one lock which was 30 metres (98 ft) long and 9 metres (30 ft) wide. Check All Station Name Province Station Number Data Available (Past 6 hours) Operation Schedule; ADAMS LAKE NEAR SQUILAX: BC: 08LD003: Yes: Continuous: ADAMS RIVER NEAR SQUILAX [112][113], Commercial demand led to two more dams at the falls, these were South Slocan Dam in 1928,[114] and Corra Linn Dam, at the rapids above Bonnington in 1932. Dam's role is storage, not generation. [77] The Doukhobor leader was buried in an elaborate tomb on a headland overlooking the city of Brilliant and the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. Species almost entirely gone that were once common in the area include the white-tailed jackrabbit, pygmy short-horned lizard, band-tailed pigeon and passenger pigeon. Brilliant dam on Kootenay River near Castelgar, British Columbia, Canada Picture - Red Circle Images RM. Eventually this complex became the operational control and maintenance centre for the five Kootenay River plants operated by West Kootenay Power and headquarters for power-line maintenance. HISTORY. [107], Lead, zinc, copper and silver are still mined at some places in the Kootenay River basin, notably at the giant Sullivan Mine near Kimberley, British Columbia, which is the largest in the Kootenay watershed. Armstrong had two makeshift dams built to create a temporary lock 40 metres (130 ft) long, and then the forward dam was blown up so the ship could ride the surge of water ahead into Columbia Lake. [90] Wetlands are found primarily where the river broadens into a series of sloughs, side-channels, marshes and small lakes before entering Kootenay Lake. [51][52], Fisherville, which had a Hudson's Bay post and other businesses, continued on with a few hundred residents for a few years (most of them Chinese by the end, as was the case with many other BC gold towns also) but was eclipsed as a supply centre with the creation of nearby Fort Steele. The Ktunaxa (Kootenai) were the first people to live along the Kootenay River. The energy company, formed in 1897, supplied power to the early Rossland Trail smelter operations from relatively small hydro-electric power plants on the Kootenay River, some 35 miles from Trail. Below Libby Dam, the river flows for 50 miles to the Idaho border. In 1902, Armstrong decided to take North Star to sail on the Columbia instead, finding business on the Kootenay less and less profitable as the mines in the region played out, as the CPR established its Kootenay Central Railway branch,[58] and for a variety of other reasons. In 1806, explorer David Thompson set out from Saskatchewan to find the source of the Columbia. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images. It then empties into 100-kilometre (62 mi)-long Kootenay Lake, which is also joined by the Duncan River, the largest tributary in terms of volume. From its highest headwaters to its confluence with the Columbia River, the Kootenay falls more than 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) in elevation. "[41] Of course, wine, beer, rum and other intoxicating drinks were imported in time. This power expansion provided for growth of metallurgical operations, and later, for requirements of the chemical fertilizer industry. Conventional coal deposits underlie much of the East Kootenay, especially in the Elk River valley which is home to the Elk Valley Coalfield,[103] and the Crowsnest Coalfield in the Purcell Mountains.

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