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03 Dec 2014
house prices rise more than earnings in 2014
Average house earnings now outpace those of a number of professions and are significantly above the starting salaries of a junior hospital doctor (£22,636).That's according to latest figures released by the Centre for Economics and Business Research in a study commissioned for The Post Office. More than 60 per cent of the working population earned less than the average home in the past 12...
01 Dec 2014
The Chancellor's Autumn Statement seems to have done a lot to buoy the mood of estate agents across the country, making many think that Christmas has come early.A reduction in Stamp Duty at certain thresholds, according to estate agents, may now be enough to encourage potential buyers to make an offer. In the past, estate agents said evidence showed that properties were disadvantaged if they...
28 Nov 2014
Tescos release land to build 4,000 new homes
182 affordable houses and 314 retirement homes will no longer be built as supermarkets cancel plans to develop more out of town new stores.As a result of this, £7.2m of section 106 planning obligations - the conditions local authorities attach to approving developments that benefit local communities - have also been cancelled. Tescos has been hoarding enough land to build 15,000 homes and...
27 Nov 2014
Rising house prices are pricing first time buyers out of the housing market says Virtual Tours 360
One of the big structural changes in the housing market since the credit crunch has been the older generation subsidising the younger generation to help their children and grand-children get on the housing ladder.For young people, rising house prices mean there will be less money to spend on other things and more grand-parents releasing money to help, leaving older people short of money for their...
26 Nov 2014
The British Property Boom
Over the last two years house prices have been rising across the country.The consequences are being felt everywhere. London prices have become virtually a separate market out on its own as there is nothing comparable elsewhere in the UK in terms of rocketing house prices. From first time buyers to those seeking to profit from the boom, the options to buy are becoming more bizarre and people are...


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