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26 Dec 2014
How estate agents can save money for successful online marketing campaigns
Housing, excluding mortgage payments, fuel & power are our biggest costs (£74.40 a week); other high costs include transport (£70.40 a week with a third on petrol); tickets, pets & other recreational activities account for £3.90 a week, while meat & fish make up more than a quarter of money spent on our own food (£58.80). The biggest costs ie more than 50%, goes on these four...
23 Dec 2014 aims to cut out Zoopla and Rightmove
Shrewd buyers may be able to spot a house they want before it's exposed to the masses, using a new website new site which will be launched on 26th January, will list the property on either Zoopla or RightMove 48 hours after it appears on the OTM website.  While detractors say this will slow down the sales process, eagle-eyed buyers might be able to spot a house they...
20 Dec 2014
House builders need to build  more retirement communities in the UK
It's a myth that older people are stubbornly refusing to move out of family size homes adding to the housing shortage for younger generations, say experts.Less than one percent of private housing being built in the UK is for the elderly which is not enough for an ageing population.Three-quarters of people aged 60 and over own their own home compared to less than a third aged 25 to 34 with...
16 Dec 2014
Getting your house ready for sale this Christmas
When you think of Christmas, you think of silver, gold or red and pick your colour scheme for the Christmas table.Christmas is a magical time of year and we treat it accordingly, taking trouble to polish and design and create all sorts of sumptuous feasts and beautiful baubles and presents prettily wrapped under the tree.Christmas Eve is a particular favourite as everything is prepared and tidy...
15 Dec 2014
house prices according to local amenities
With Aldi planning to spend nearly £84 million on expanding its stores it seems far more likely that the middle-classes can come out of the closet and admit to shopping in Aldi and Lidl to top up their favourite Waitrose shop. With figures showing that, as you would expect, low cost houses are located predominantly near to an Aldi ie those costing £100K or less, it seems that houses costing...


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