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19 Jan 2015
new scheme designed to encourage self-build
A new scheme that will enable more people to build or customise their own homes in the UK while also helping local authorities with land to develop has been launched.Designed to de-risk the process of obtaining mortgages for self built and custom built properties, it allows local authorities with land to develop to both attract buyers and retain control over developments until completed.Based on...
14 Jan 2015
getting a house ready for sale
When you are advising a client on how to sell their house, as an estate agent, what do you say?Many home owners are emotionally attached to their  homes so it's a sensitive subject, but the best way to realise the full asking price, as any estate agent knows, is to de-clutter the house. That means helping the client to understand that it is important to view selling their house as if it was...
13 Jan 2015
rich retiring baby boomers invest in property
2014 was a mixed year for equities, with Japan up 10%; European markets were more mixed (up around 4%); the UK lagged because of exposure to oil and gas.So what will the market look like in 2015. In the UK earnings are expected to rise 5%; the FTSE target is around 7,200 (up 7%). European equities have had a strong run but the economy is still fragile.The European Central Bank is committed to...
12 Jan 2015
Home owners opt for home improvements in 2015
New research from mortgage and loans provider, Ocean Finance, seems to support the view that 2015 house prices will level off owing to fewer mortgage approvals cooling off a potentially hot housing market.Of those surveyed, 8.8 per cent said they were focusing on home improvements as it was cheaper than moving and would enable them to get the most out of their property.39 per cent of those...
08 Jan 2015
repossessionsl lower and mortgage market review should stablise housing market in 2015
People have more money than they did a year ago. That’s good news for the housing market in 2015.This is particularly good news for those with no savings who have been teetering on the edge of repossession as it has allowed them some financial breathing space.e.surv chartered surveyors report the divide between repossessions in the North and South has narrowed by a sixth over the last year.This,...


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