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13 Jan 2015
rich retiring baby boomers invest in property
2014 was a mixed year for equities, with Japan up 10%; European markets were more mixed (up around 4%); the UK lagged because of exposure to oil and gas.So what will the market look like in 2015. In the UK earnings are expected to rise 5%; the FTSE target is around 7,200 (up 7%). European equities have had a strong run but the economy is still fragile.The European Central Bank is committed to...
08 Jan 2015
NEW! Photo enhancement service, all part of our online marketing for estate agents service from Virtual Tours provider, V360
NEW! Photo Enhancement Service for Estate Agents from V360, the UK's leading online marketing and Virtual Tour providers for estate agents.Your photos are the most important part of your property listings.We know that the most important thing is for you to be able to secure instructions and get the new property marketed as quickly as possible. It's all about "turnaround" isn't it?We also know...
10 Dec 2014
As estate agency marketing tends to be seasonal, think about changing your profile images and header images in line with the seasons.Make it a festive one at Christmas, for example, or link a picture to promote a competition you are running – use it as an opportunity to advertise your competition – people just love pictures!People are using social media and mobile devices and tablets all have...
17 Jul 2014
Build your virtual portfolio fast The property market is rocketing in 2014, prompted by new builds and the government’s flagship Help-to-buy scheme, so estate agents need to get their online presence ship shape in order to free up valuable management time so you can go where the action is. Once buyers have found your site, you want them to stay and the best way is video according to surveys...
11 Jul 2014
Virtual 360 tour software has been around for over a decade yet people still seem confused as to what exactly it is and what they should expect when they order it.Virtual 360 can take photographic shots (images) and film footage of the property or special event, using a special 360 degree lens to ensure that every single important detail is captured. This is all undertaken by our panoramic...
10 Jan 2014
There's no doubt that the UK property market is hotting up thanks to the government’s Help to Buy scheme. The weather has been no friend of either buyers or sellers who’ve been snugged up inside, in front of their cosy log fires. They don't want wasted trips or to be going outside spending money on fuel when they don't have too, and unless it's fun for the family to do so. And that’s why estate...
05 Sep 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
When searching online for a new venue for a night out, be it a meal with family or a tour of city bars with friends, it’s not just price, quality of food or location that matter, but the ambience the pictures convey of a place. Is it comfortable? What does the decor say about the clientele that frequents the bar or restaurant? Party hats or elegance...
02 Sep 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
An Age Of EleganceSome tourist attractions are like Marmite: you either love them or hate them! Brighton Pavilion has divided critics ever since it was built. In an otherwise beautiful city brimming over with gorgeous Regency architecture and quaint Victorian “Lanes”,  Brighton Pavilion seems like a cuckoo’s egg in the wrong nest. When the Prince...
30 Aug 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
A wiseguy once said, "The best camera is the one that's with you." For most of us most of the time it's going to be ourmobile phone. Even if we remembered to grab the camera on the way out, we might have forgotten to charge it beforehand. If you're at home, you shouldn't have a problem with choice; however, anyone doing this kind of job on the move, there are...
25 Aug 2013
3D floor plans
Charge meHowever much consumers complain, they have to face the fact that utilities bills will continue to rise. Gas and electricity for heating, washing and cooking are all on the up. Remember too, that we all use more juice than previous generations because of the gadgets and smart devices in our home. Houses today are "wired". Most of us leave the...


Virtual 360 is an easy to use virtual tour system that we believe will not only show properties in a professional manner, but help us list more properties in the first place.

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