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02 Feb 2015
Sir Alan Sugar tells Virtual 360 to go stick it!
Alan Sugar’s view on Virtual 360"...I am delighted with your success story. You specialise in 360-degree imaging using a digital camera and have already identified how property agents find this technology very useful. The product you have is a great idea and I see a tremendous opportunity for it. Ram your website – down the throats of every estate agent." Sir Alan...
13 Jan 2015
rich retiring baby boomers invest in property
2014 was a mixed year for equities, with Japan up 10%; European markets were more mixed (up around 4%); the UK lagged because of exposure to oil and gas.So what will the market look like in 2015. In the UK earnings are expected to rise 5%; the FTSE target is around 7,200 (up 7%). European equities have had a strong run but the economy is still fragile.The European Central Bank is committed to...
14 Dec 2014
stamp duty cuts could be lost in housing boom
As the housing market soars, over 600,000 homes could fall into higher tax bands, meaning bigger bills, so is the cut in Stamp Duty such good news after all?Despite the fact that the old "slab" system has been described as one of the worst policies ever*, the new system will penalise older and more affluent home owners, although it will benefit first-time buyers.The new system works in a similar...
18 Nov 2014
buying a property at auction
Many people will go to an estate agent to buy a property. Some will end up buying a property at auction.But it's not for the faint-hearted. The rise in popularity of buying a house at auction may be down to two factors: the shortage of supply of available houses for sale and the popularity of TV programmes such as "Homes under the Hammer". "The Daily Telegraph" has published a list of the UK's...
12 Sep 2014
eco builds prove popular with estate agents
What kind of houses are you seeing for sale? New build techniques are shaking up valuations and affecting how estate agents go about their online marketing techniques, thanks to Virtual 360, specialists in this area, estate agents are gaining confidence on how to capitalise on sales of all different types of house builds.Eco-lifePlanet-friendly and green house-building techniques have gained a...
09 Sep 2014
colour scheming can affect your house sale
Can changing the colours in your house really help sell it more quickly?Colour schemingThe majority of householders in the UK live in properties smaller than they would like. In new builds, the dimensions of rooms seem to be shrinking every year, with bedrooms hardly big enough to fit the necessary piece of furniture and certainly no room for clothes storage. What tricks can the occupants use to...
07 Sep 2014
Scottish Referendum affects house prices forcing house sellers to turn to online marketing with estate agents
With the Scottish housing market still in a fragile state of recovery (recorded sales are still at only 70% of the average over the period 2004 - 2007), the Referendum is casting a potential long shadow over its continued good health.Only time will tell but either way 2 million unhappy people will wake up on Friday morning (19th Sept) in a divided Scotland. This is according to Gordon Fowlis,...
23 Aug 2014
The floorplan is the essential element in any house sale
Over the years the average size of family has decreased, while the amount of living space has gone up.A typical house now will be approx. 2,300 sq ft on average compared to, say, around 1,500 sq. ft. While the amount of space may have gone up, the associating pressure on farmland (and its subsequent decrease) means that the style and type of housing has changed with townhouses becoming more...
07 Aug 2014
Online marketing for estate agents is de facto, fundamental to success in driving traffic (ie viewers) to your estate agency website.
Online marketing for estate agents is de facto, fundamental to success in driving traffic (ie viewers) to your estate agency website. And this is where Virtual Tours UK can help. We are online marketing experts including social media marketing, for estate agents. This is our forte, our speciality and something we have been doing for well over a decade which is why ALL the top UK estate agents use...
04 Aug 2014
Tom Ruddock winner of the 48FilmProject best short film prize
Something caught my eye the other day, it was a piece on the local news about a talented young man from Ilford in Essex who's just won the prize for Best Short-Film, and Best Director and Best Actor in a global, online film competition and I thought, that could be YOU!Any estate agent who uses panoramic photography and takes still pictures, then uses our software to make a beautifully seamless,...


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