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09 Feb 2015
Estate agents need to respond to changes in the housing market
Each year we build 100,000 fewer homes than we need, adding to a shortage that has been growing for decades.What’s more our current house building system seems incapable of delivering growth on the scale required.Growing demand means that without a step change in supply we will be locked into a spiral of increasing house prices and rents – making the current housing crisis worse. Despite modest...
05 Feb 2015
The property market in the UK is booming once more yet, with the rise of the Internet, traditional high street estate agents are concerned that their market is being eroded by the rise in the online estate agent who will sell your house for a fixed fee. With clever use of online marketing tools, the traditional estate agent can fight back, freeing up valuable time to spend with clients and out on...
04 Feb 2015
estate agents on Twitter
A look at the quality of Twitter accounts across Property Agency companies in the UK shows that Social Media is a valuable resource within almost all sectors, as it allows companies to connect with clients, partners, influencers and consumers on a personal level, whilst also increasing brand awareness and highlighting values of the company. Summary Some key findings from this report:...
01 Feb 2015
A budget of £150,000 is adequate, in most instances, to get a three to four bedroom home built. The average cost of a ready-made home is now over £232,000. In 2011, self-builders accounted for only 14,000 new homes in the UK, more than many large commercial builders. Yet, the perception among home buyers is that self-build is a step too far - something only the 'select few' undertake....
27 Jan 2015
Property estate agents online marketing kings cross as a commercial hub
Changing business and consumer behaviour will accelerate change in the UK property market at an unprecedented rate, that's according to research from Strutt & Parker estate agents. As a result, online marketing for estate agents will become even more critical in helping them adapt to change brought about by what is referred to as "disruptive technology".  The report mentions...
26 Jan 2015 aims to cut out Zoopla and Rightmove
Homeowners looking to sell their property in 2015 will have to make a decision on where their property is being advertised, rather than assuming it will just appear on all the major portals such as RightMove and Zoopla. The launch of the Agents' Mutual site, aims to break the duopoly of the two sites by attracting listings and forcing estate agents that sign up to choose...
19 Jan 2015
new scheme designed to encourage self-build
A new scheme that will enable more people to build or customise their own homes in the UK while also helping local authorities with land to develop has been launched.Designed to de-risk the process of obtaining mortgages for self built and custom built properties, it allows local authorities with land to develop to both attract buyers and retain control over developments until completed.Based on...
08 Jan 2015
NEW! Photo enhancement service, all part of our online marketing for estate agents service from Virtual Tours provider, V360
NEW! Photo Enhancement Service for Estate Agents from V360, the UK's leading online marketing and Virtual Tour providers for estate agents.Your photos are the most important part of your property listings.We know that the most important thing is for you to be able to secure instructions and get the new property marketed as quickly as possible. It's all about "turnaround" isn't it?We also know...
23 Dec 2014 aims to cut out Zoopla and Rightmove
Shrewd buyers may be able to spot a house they want before it's exposed to the masses, using a new website new site which will be launched on 26th January, will list the property on either Zoopla or RightMove 48 hours after it appears on the OTM website.  While detractors say this will slow down the sales process, eagle-eyed buyers might be able to spot a house they...
14 Dec 2014
stamp duty cuts could be lost in housing boom
As the housing market soars, over 600,000 homes could fall into higher tax bands, meaning bigger bills, so is the cut in Stamp Duty such good news after all?Despite the fact that the old "slab" system has been described as one of the worst policies ever*, the new system will penalise older and more affluent home owners, although it will benefit first-time buyers.The new system works in a similar...


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