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05 Feb 2015
The property market in the UK is booming once more yet, with the rise of the Internet, traditional high street estate agents are concerned that their market is being eroded by the rise in the online estate agent who will sell your house for a fixed fee. With clever use of online marketing tools, the traditional estate agent can fight back, freeing up valuable time to spend with clients and out on...
04 Feb 2015
estate agents on Twitter
A look at the quality of Twitter accounts across Property Agency companies in the UK shows that Social Media is a valuable resource within almost all sectors, as it allows companies to connect with clients, partners, influencers and consumers on a personal level, whilst also increasing brand awareness and highlighting values of the company. Summary Some key findings from this report:...
01 Feb 2015
A budget of £150,000 is adequate, in most instances, to get a three to four bedroom home built. The average cost of a ready-made home is now over £232,000. In 2011, self-builders accounted for only 14,000 new homes in the UK, more than many large commercial builders. Yet, the perception among home buyers is that self-build is a step too far - something only the 'select few' undertake....
26 Jan 2015 aims to cut out Zoopla and Rightmove
Homeowners looking to sell their property in 2015 will have to make a decision on where their property is being advertised, rather than assuming it will just appear on all the major portals such as RightMove and Zoopla. The launch of the Agents' Mutual site, aims to break the duopoly of the two sites by attracting listings and forcing estate agents that sign up to choose...
21 Jan 2015
Buyers say that the largest single barrier to buying a property is raising the deposit (61%).Mortgage affordability has improved though with the Government's Help-to-Buy scheme and this confidence is reflected in the 2014 Halifax First Time Buyer annual review which shows that the number of first time buyers is at its highest level since 2007 and the number of first time buyers increased by 22%...
05 Dec 2014
what do estate agents want for Christmas?
More sales of course! Maybe linking to a festive theme will encourage buyers to sign on the dotted line, you never know...How about Christmas Cottage in Rye, for example. An attractive cottage available to rent with 4 bedrooms, it certainly looks quaint enough to be a priority call for Santa! Or, we came across one called Angel Cottage, too. On the other hand, we suspect this might be limiting...
26 Nov 2014
The British Property Boom
Over the last two years house prices have been rising across the country.The consequences are being felt everywhere. London prices have become virtually a separate market out on its own as there is nothing comparable elsewhere in the UK in terms of rocketing house prices. From first time buyers to those seeking to profit from the boom, the options to buy are becoming more bizarre and people are...
23 Oct 2014
house prices in UK in run up to general election
According to "This is Money" there's 5 reasons why next year's general election could send house prices slidingMore homes for sales, a tighter mortgage market and the London property market starting to cool, have triggered a slowdown.House prices hit a new high of £274,000 with six regions now past pre-crisis peak.House prices have soared 11.7%.House prices in most London areas are now falling...
23 Sep 2014
how do you arrive at a valuation for house sale
How do you actually value a property?This is very difficult, as everyone, depending on their own point of view, will have a different opinion! Using the most common valuations you can arrive at a sensible figure. When you are marketing properties for a client, you will have to gain their trust and explain to them how you have arrived at the correct valuation. If a vendor is sensible, they will...
12 Sep 2014
eco builds prove popular with estate agents
What kind of houses are you seeing for sale? New build techniques are shaking up valuations and affecting how estate agents go about their online marketing techniques, thanks to Virtual 360, specialists in this area, estate agents are gaining confidence on how to capitalise on sales of all different types of house builds.Eco-lifePlanet-friendly and green house-building techniques have gained a...


Virtual 360 is an easy to use virtual tour system that we believe will not only show properties in a professional manner, but help us list more properties in the first place.

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