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13 Jan 2015
rich retiring baby boomers invest in property
2014 was a mixed year for equities, with Japan up 10%; European markets were more mixed (up around 4%); the UK lagged because of exposure to oil and gas.So what will the market look like in 2015. In the UK earnings are expected to rise 5%; the FTSE target is around 7,200 (up 7%). European equities have had a strong run but the economy is still fragile.The European Central Bank is committed to...
07 Sep 2014
Scottish Referendum affects house prices forcing house sellers to turn to online marketing with estate agents
With the Scottish housing market still in a fragile state of recovery (recorded sales are still at only 70% of the average over the period 2004 - 2007), the Referendum is casting a potential long shadow over its continued good health.Only time will tell but either way 2 million unhappy people will wake up on Friday morning (19th Sept) in a divided Scotland. This is according to Gordon Fowlis,...
18 Jul 2014
virtual 360 virtual tour technology for estate agents
No matter what the weather or the season, estate agents are increasingly turning to virtual tours as a de facto standard when preparing a property for sale - buyers are beginning to expect it when they surf the web to look for a property to buy and if there are two broadly similar properties they will go for the one with the virtual tour first, when making appointments to view. A good estate...
26 Jun 2014
While Virtual Tours will drive up the viewings to an estate agent's website, you may be surprised to learn that floorplan software is at the heart of securing the deal.When it comes to closing sales, estate agents across the UK report that accurate floorplan software and property descriptions help prospective buyers have the confidence to sign the deal as they know there will be no nasty...
26 Jun 2014
3D floorplans
Hold the front pageSome shocking facts have emerged about the handiness of young Britons around the home. It seems today's younger generation doesn't know how to change a light bulb, unblock a sink, or give a skirting board a lick of paint. Despite Britain having the biggest DIY sector in the world, today's generation prefer to think of themselves as the "...
12 Feb 2014
We know this is a bit of a cheeky title and we knew it would get you to take a sneaky peak at what we've written. But the truth is that the top 5 estate agents in the UK all use Virtual 360 to help them market their services.Why?Because we've actually been developing this software and our online marketing services specifically for estate agents since 1996, yes, you heard that right!And...
07 Feb 2014
Download free trial offer of 3D floorplan software from Virtual 360
ARE YOU USING FLOOR PLANS - YOU SHOULD BE!It's well known that prospective house buyers like to see floor plans. Incredibly, some estate agents are still not uploading floorplans onto their websites. If this is you, start now! Capture those sales that your not so savvy competitors seem okay with throwing away!Using our simple browser based software, you can easily and quickly draw up your own...
13 Dec 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
It’s easy to hate an estate agent, but why? Bankers claimed the #1 spot on Channel 4’s recent programme on psychopaths – apparently displaying all the tendencies you have to have to be a psychopath – estate agents were nowhere on the list, but sales people and surgeons were! Often the person who deserves less than our best respect turns out to be the double-crossing person who caused the chain to...
28 Nov 2013
A large proportion of the world economy is based on debt with mortgages and inevitable lending on credit cards being seen as part of the normal way of life in many Western economies. But, is even more action required to spur on the Nation’s ability to address and handle debt issues? Recent Benefit cuts, rising prices, low interest rates and tuition fee rises are contributing to persistent high...
15 Nov 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has been busy, this time analysing inflation;  weaker growth in emerging economies will push global commodity prices down but what does that mean for your business? It’s all good news as consumer price inflation is expected to remain weak in 2014, despite stronger domestic demand. Oil prices will be down; prices may increase by around 1.5...


Virtual 360 is an easy to use virtual tour system that we believe will not only show properties in a professional manner, but help us list more properties in the first place.

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