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29 Jun 2014
Virtual Tours from V360 help savvy estate agents drive more sales and profits online
Our Estate Agents V360 Virtual Tours software offers an unlimited number of virtual tours and unlimited still photographs of your properties. Your virtual tours can be viewed online within 24 hours. We can also help you with:Audio Tourse-brochures3D floor plansFor estate agents who contact us this now, there's a time limited offer for 3D floor plans with over 10% discount - offering...
13 Jun 2014
social media networking for estate agents
Estate agents generally love social media – it’s quick and easy, it gets the message out far and wide and it lowers costs, what’s not to like? Agents are certainly used to being online through advertising properties for sale on other powerful, third party portals, and they know that buyers and sellers in the UK like nothing more than spending a few hours being nosey, sifting through anything from...
23 May 2014
3D floorplans and sketch and draw service from Virtual 360 - fast and cheap for estate agents
Estate agents know it makes sense to market properties briskly and in order to do this you have to present properties to potential buyers in a way that shows them off to their best advantage.  We know from experience that the best way to do this is to create a video tour using panoramic photography; it’s also useful to create an audio tour to accompany the video.  In addition...
16 May 2014
Steal a march on your estate agency competition using online marketing & 3D virtual tours
 One way in which traditional agents can position themselves strongly is to offer a mix of traditional services and online presence, comprising floor plans and 3D virtual tours – they are surprisingly affordable at only £2 to £4 per property and can often help secure a seller and a sale in a much shorter period of time.  Estate agents can also operate as a franchisee for Virtual...
09 May 2014
 If you're selling your property, showcase it online with a video tour. Ask the professionals how. Keep movingAll the best people these days are taking video tours to promote their property for sale online. It is such an effective selling tool because it fires the buyer's imagination. The seller needs to spark enough interest to prompt the physical viewing. This means you'll be looking...
25 Apr 2014
Government tightens up mortgage lending criteria
Think you are moving property quickly off your books? You may be forced to think again. Mortgages being approved today may not be approved in 12 weeks' time.Mortgages that used to be approved within 3 months may be a thing of the past as the Government's new rules to force lenders to tighten up on affordability criteria, come into effect.The Government's new rules due to come into effect this...
11 Apr 2014
How digital marketing strategies can make or break your estate agency business
Virtual 360 is a specialist in marketing properties for estate agents.Do you know what your competitors are doing?Only the smartest and most tech savvy estate agents will flourish and prosper even with the market picking up.How do you get prospective customers to come to you first over and above your competition. You need to use a range of digital marketing techniques and social media strategies...
10 Apr 2014
estate agents career choices
When you start off in your career as an estate agent you will know that you have an aptitude for selling and building a rapport with people.To be a good estate agent you need to be absolutely ruthless though, it's a difficult business.Clients will love you for getting the best prices for them and as you progress through your career you will probably win awards and gain a reputation that goes...
28 Mar 2014
Virtual 360 can help your estate agency business scale new heights, Virtual tours and online marketing for busy estate agents
Want to increae the market share of your estate agency business? Then you've come to the right place.That's exactly what V360 helps estate agents to do!Estate agents online marketing tips. Estate agents are getting used to a whole new way of marketing. The Internet has opened up a whole host of new opportunities but also extended the potential threat in the form of losing sales to the...
27 Mar 2014
Floor plans make your properties come alive, Interactive floor plans from V360
Most prospective buyers now start by surfing the web when they are thinking of buying a property. So how do you make sure that your properties stand out from the crowd?The answser is state-of-the-art videos, 3D floorplans and virtual tours. Guiding the viewer through the property showing the size, layout and aspect of each room. They can see how it may look with a range of different colours and...


Virtual 360 is an easy to use virtual tour system that we believe will not only show properties in a professional manner, but help us list more properties in the first place.

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