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Powerboat racing just got even crazier with the addition of virtual tours and video tours to their performance spec

The luxury yacht and powerboat market suffered as most discretionary spending did in the credit crunch of 2008.

Post recession, helicopter video coverage, live trackers and social media has completely transformed the sport.

Now, the world of powerboat racing is going up yet another notch with the use of virtual tours and video tours. Fans and sports fanatics are intensely interested in the dynamics of these fine machines including taking a close look at the interiors.

Powerboat racing was once hugely popular.

At the end of WWII, two veteran USAF pilots raced for the first time in 1955 and soon the famous Miami-Nassau race was born.

Sir Max Aitken, son of Lord Beaverbrook was sailing in the Bahamas at the time and brought the concept back to his home in the UK. The race became the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race. Powerboat technology is evolving fast. Design characteristics now incorporate safety measures and new hydro and aerodynamic designs. Increasingly efficient and powerful engines with much reduced power to weight ratios allow craft to travel further and at greater speeds. A race boat running two V8s in the 200 mile Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race may reach speeds of up to 120mph and complete the marathon course in under three hours.

A total of 17 boats with a combined 20,000 horsepower entered the race in 2014, the largest single racing fleet in the world. The race was won by team Vector Martine who collected several trophies for their efforts. It's the toughest power boat race in the world.

Planning for 2015 is shaping up well.

The race organisers, the BPRC, wants to create a "water festival" offering a range of water sports, live music and corporate hospitality events.

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