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Virtual 360 Blog - February 2015

26 Feb 2015
virtual tours to sell more boats
Along with designer handbags, high-end fashion and expensive jewellery, shoppers at London's luxury department store Harrods can now splash out on a new home. A pop-up shop at the famous Brompton Road store is offering shoppers the chance to buy one of the capital's most luxurious available properties. And like every other department in the store, customers can try before they buy, with...
22 Feb 2015
virtual tours to sell more boats
Everyone's into selfies, smart phones, videos, vine and instagram - so why not record the ultimate greeting to tittivate the taste buds of your prospective buyers and make them salivate?A virtual tour offers the perfect answer. Quick, affordable, beautifully executed and it can be live, hosted and online within 24 hours. What better way to entice that busy jet setter to have a look at that luxury...
20 Feb 2015
virtual tours to sell more boats
Virtual tours, particularly where the prospective buyer is based overseas, can help make more sales of luxury items such as yachts and powerboats.That's the consensus of yacht brokers who have taken a lead from Harrods to use virtual tours to help showcase these high-end ticket items.Smooth sailing indeed!With polished teak and gleaming decks, there's nothing more pleasurable than seeing the...
18 Feb 2015
Inward investment projects point to a rosy future in the UK property and land market
With 200,000 homes a year needed to house Britain's population boom and many people priced out of the Cities, there is growing pressure to create more garden cities.This was a movement that culminated in the creation of Letchworth Garden City, 37 miles north of London and a second garden city, Welwyn Garden City, which was started after World War I.These two cities were influential in the...
17 Feb 2015
Government is encouraging new build in the UK
Property investment has always been popular in the UK, and is particularly popular compared to an investment in the FTSE 100 index of leading UK companies where an investment a decade ago will have grown by a miserly 6 per cent before taking inflation into account, compared to a total annualised return of 9.6 per cent for residential property.The Government is continuing to identify more surplus...


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