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Virtual 360 Blog - September 2014

26 Sep 2014
don't let house sellers go lone ranger on you!
Sellers may want to go it alone when selling their property but, in reality, they know it's risky.However, our advice is do not get complacent - so much of the Internet now is DIY - book your own flights, book your own hotel room, buy a computer direct, that people increasingly think they can go "lone ranger" when it comes to selling a house but we all know just how risky that is. A good agent...
26 Sep 2014
how to gain more instructions to sell houses
On average, house sellers hand over 1.8 per cent of the sale price of their home to an agent in return for a valuation, photographs, listing online and in branch and supplying a sale board, setting up appointments, negotiating with both sides and printing particulars.Some estate agents may also provide advice and access to financial experts, mortgage lengers and insurance agents. According...
23 Sep 2014
how do you arrive at a valuation for house sale
How do you actually value a property?This is very difficult, as everyone, depending on their own point of view, will have a different opinion! Using the most common valuations you can arrive at a sensible figure. When you are marketing properties for a client, you will have to gain their trust and explain to them how you have arrived at the correct valuation. If a vendor is sensible, they will...
19 Sep 2014
Designer trends in houses 2014 - how they are reflected in online marketing trends for estate agents
As we move towards the year end, it's a good time to reflect on what's been the most popular housing design trends of 2014Bright colours are undoubtedly still popular and most interior designers encourage the use and filling of houses with bright intense hues, which contain colour trends usch as blue, green, burgundy, yellow and magenta. With regard to furnishings, wood and plastic mixture and...
18 Sep 2014
today's discerning house buyer wants all mod cons
Why wi-fi's causing some homeowners a headacheWhen selling a property what kind of new features are most in demand? We are finding that estate agents report gadets, gizmos and new technology as among some of the most popular features prospective buyers want to see. These include the more obvious ones such as under-floor heating, previously a preserve of the rich but now, with the many different...


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