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Virtual 360 Blog - December 2013

28 Dec 2013
When you are actually putting up the latest listings online or in the window, do you secretly have a chuckle to yourself about some of the things you've seen? It can be quite difficult to present a property in the best light sometimes, no matter how hard you try. We had a quick rifle through the archives and found some real howlers but couldn't get any estate agent to actually admit to using the...
28 Dec 2013
V360 helps buy and sell houses faster
There are hundreds of thousands of estate agents offices up and down the UK; some people probably think it’s easy to sell houses and become an estate agent.  Do you ever get asked, “What do you actually do all day?” In a light-hearted attempt to give you a quick fact sheet (so much easier for someone else to do it for you) we’ve put together a quick snap chat so that you’ve got your...
27 Dec 2013
estate agents rejoice in Spring recovery
Britain is experiencing the fastest rate of house building since the credit crunch hit in 2008 with the Council for Mortgage Lenders confirming that the new number of mortgages is now at the highest level since 2008. Housing Minister Kris Hopkins seems confident that Government action is finally having an effect and that Britain is once more building again, with Government schemes actively...
27 Dec 2013
The spotlight will remain on London in early 2014, as the economic upturn continues with the private sector driving new construction projects in the capital. Other areas of the UK will benefit from the upturn in the housing market and low interest rates coupled with an ease up in mortgage lending. Road network building will increase as the focus seems to have turned away from rail apart from...
16 Dec 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
You might want to check if your chosen estate agent is a member of a professional body so if something does go wrong, you know that they have to meet minimum competency standards if things go wrong like they did here… The agents who let in a thief A cunning thief managed to convince agents that he was the representative of a Russian Oligarch. When viewing expensive properties he...


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