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Virtual 360 Blog - July 2013

29 Jul 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
When you first thought of downsizing it seemed like a good idea to move from the big house into a flat. As flats go, it's quite spacious but it's not on the ground floor and you really miss your garden. It would be nice to have some greenery around. What can you do?   Turn over a new leaf A small balcony is ideal for a window box or a couple...
25 Jul 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
It seems too bizarre to say the least, to think of escaping good old Blighty to get away from the heat, but this year's scorcher has been enough to make even the stiffest upper lip quiver under stress, or if nothing else, to break out in beads of sweat. The beaches have been too harsh an environment for the lily-skinned Brit and the hanky on...
24 Jul 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
Where is your dream home? With the latest property boom underway, the most popular trends are emerging, reveal estate agent Knight Frank.  At number one is proximity to London. Purchasers want the illusion of living in the country that a leafy suburb gives, but to be within 90 minutes of work in the city. This has...
22 Jul 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
Stark warnings about the consequences of Britain's housing crisis are delivered by the National Housing Federation. The core fact is not news; the movers and shakers have been aware of this problem for decades, but it is the escalation of it that makes the headline. Britain experienced a baby boom in the 1980s, today's generation who are struggling...
17 Jul 2013
Virtual 360 tours software
A big investmentA property is the biggest single item a person is likely to buy in their lifetime. Despite the doom-mongers foretelling property price crashes, over the long term a property usually grows in value. CinderellasIt's a sad sight in the UK to see the increasing numbers of historic buildings used as buy-to-let but not...


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